Turn Any Product Into a Unique Customer Experience, Accessed With Just One-Touch of a Smartphone

VerifiR's NFC technology brings the power of digital marketing & attribution to physical products, offering pre- and post-purchase engagement optimized for every stage of the customer journey.

Cap Scanning Verifir
“Now that our knives are equipped with VerifiR technology, not only do our customers get a wonderful knife, but they now get a wonderful experience that goes along with that knife. They can connect with us ... and we’ll know if they have a genuine knife ... so for us its a win-win situation.”
— Les Edelstein, First Edge General Manager and SVP of Sales and Marketing

Why Use VerifiR Technology?

Patented, cutting-edge, award-winning solutions designed to deliver benefits throughout the entire value chain

Supply Chain Tracking Analytics

Track merchandise from production to distributor to retailer with end-to-end supply chain transparency, get alerted to grey market imports and monitor geographic sell through in real-time.

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ReCURRING Revenue & Retention

VerifiR enabled products allow you to continue earning from your product long after the original transaction has been completed.

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VerifiR enabled products are proven to build customer loyalty and engagement, drive repeat revenue opportunities, up-selling, and reduce remarketing and customer acquisition costs.

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VerifiR enabled products provide consumers with confidence in their purchase regardless of where they bought the product.

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