VerifiR Turns Any Product Into a Unique Customer Experience, Accessed With Just One-Touch of a Smartphone

VerifiR's award-winning combination of software and NFC technology brings the power of digital marketing & attribution to physical products, offering pre- and post-purchase engagement optimized for every stage of the customer journey.

Cap Scanning Verifir
“Now that our knives are equipped with VerifiR technology, not only do our customers get a wonderful knife, but they now get a wonderful experience that goes along with that knife. They can connect with us ... and we’ll know if they have a genuine knife ... so for us its a win-win situation.”
— Les Edelstein, First Edge General Manager and SVP of Sales and Marketing

What is VerifiR?

VerifiR is a contactless marketing technology that uses a combination of software and tiny NFC modules, embedded into products during the production process. By simply tapping compatible products with their smartphones, customers can connect and engage directly with brands.

Why Use VerifiR Technology?

Smartphones are a key touchpoint in the consumer journey with 90% of smartphone owners using their phones while in-stores. VerifiR’s unique patented technology strengthens customer relationships and enhances their experience by utilizing smartphones to make in-store and post-sale engagement simple and compelling.

Supply Chain Tracking Analytics

Track merchandise from production to distributor to retailer with end-to-end supply chain transparency, get alerted to grey market imports and monitor geographic sell through in real-time.

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ReCURRING Revenue & Retention

VerifiR enabled products allow you to continue earning from your product long after the original transaction has been completed.

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VerifiR enabled products are proven to build customer loyalty and engagement, drive repeat revenue opportunities, up-selling, and reduce remarketing and customer acquisition costs.

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VerifiR enabled products provide consumers with confidence in their purchase regardless of where they bought the product.

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