Turn Products into Experiences


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Transform products into

Customer Connections

accessed with just one-touch of smartphone.


Consumer EXPERIENCES & Engagement

90% of consumers use their smartphones in-store

Smartphones are a key part of the consumer journey and both brands and consumers can benefit from the ability to deliver customized experiences direct to end users handsets. VerifiR enabled products are proven to strengthen customer relationships and enhance the customer experience by making in-store and post-sales engagement simple and compelling.

Recurring Revenue & RETENTION

81% of Consumers expect to shop direct-to-consumer brands

By removing friction from transactions, VerifiR enabled products make it easy to re-order, cross-sell or up-sell long after the original product has been sold. Give your customer a reason to tap in regularly and build long term loyalty. The purchase of the product should mark the beginning of your relationship with the consumer, not the end.

ANtI-Counterfeiting & Diversion

The retail value of counterfeit clothing, footwear, handbags, cosmetics, and watches, alone, amounted to a $450m in 2018

Counterfeit goods damages brand reputation. Until now, tracking channel diversion was laborious and inefficient exercise. VerifiR tells you about product registrations in real-time right to the customer without the need for your distributors or retail stores to invest in new hardware. VerifiR's patented analytics system generates real-time heat maps so you can see scans as they happen.




Improve your

Supply Chain Management

Supply Chain Management

Smarter Manufacturing & Visibility

Real-time visibility and updates of products as they go through the manufacturing process, reducing shrinkage, minimize waste and optimize inventory. Track merchandise from production to distributor to retailer with end-to-end supply chain transparency, get alerted to grey market imports and monitor geographic sell through in real-time.

Tapping Drives Real Results


52% of all products

outfitted with VerifiR are scanned by consumers 


83% of scan interactions

resulted in product registrations 

Additional Sales

14% of scan interactions

resulted in purchases of additional products


Create key touchpoint marketing channels through

The VerifiR Method

Smartphones are a key touchpoint in the consumer journey with 90% of smartphone owners using their phones while in-stores. VerifiR’s unique patented technology strengthens customer relationships and enhances their experience by utilizing smartphones to make in-store and post-sale engagement simple and compelling.


Step 1 — Embed

NFC modules are installed into products during the production process. The VerifiR team has extensive experience in identifying the ideal module for any product and then working closely with you to seamlessly integrate the embedding process into your existing production and workflow.

Step 2 — ENGAGE

Products are ready to be scanned and tracked as soon as they leave production, all the way through to point of sale. At the point of sale, consumers should be invited to tap or scan your product to view the multi-channel experience.


Create reasons for consumers to engage, post-purchase, like product registration, competitions, cross selling opportunities and more to drive continued re-engagement.

The Opportunities are Endless

VerifiR works with companies of varying sizes from across the world and in a wide variety of categories. From household names through to boutique brands, almost any company can benefit from integrating VerifiR technology into their products. VerifiR's award-winning combination of software and NFC technology brings the power of digital marketing & attribution to physical products, offering pre- and post-purchase engagement optimized for every stage of the customer journey.


Features Overview


Consumer Experiences & Engagement

Consumers expect more

How we shop has changed drastically in the last decade. Personalization matters so much that 57% of consumers are willing to share their personal information if that gives them personalized offers

Bridging the Gap

By creating reasons to scan, both brands and consumers can benefit from the ability to deliver customized experiences direct to end users handsets. VerifiR technology bridges the gap between offline products and rich digital experiences and offers many ways for brands to engage with customers no matter what the product.


Recurring Revenue & Retention

The Competition

With the ever-evolving market, recurring revenue, returning customers and referrals have become even more crucial to your business’s success. Loyal customers are 7x more likely to test an offering, 5x as likely to make a repeat purchase and 4x more likely to refer the brand.

Long-Term Loyalty

The purchase of the product should mark the beginning of your relationship with the consumer, not the end. VerifiR removes friction from the purchasing process by making direct upselling and cross-selling easy, long after the the product was sold.

Anti-Counterfeiting & Tracking Analytics

Real or Fake

Counterfeiting affects almost every brand, defrauds legitimate buyers, weakens brands, and potentially puts consumers at risk.

Combating the fake… for real.

By integrating our technology at factory level, VerifiR offers tamper proof authentication for brands and the assurance of an end to end verification system which can track products from factory to retailer, ultimately giving consumers total confidence in their purchase regardless of where they bought the product.

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