Disrupting the Traditional Retail Experience with NFC

If you have your own brick-and-mortar stores, you know that first impressions matter. It’s not enough to simply put the finest products on the shelves or offer discounts: you need to grab visitors’ attention from the very moment they enter. An engaging store experience can be created in various ways, but if you want a solution that’s both convenient and has lots of room for interactivity, then look no further: VerifiR’s NFC technology can help you here.

In the eyes of today’s shopper, experiences hold a higher value than financial benefits. This is backed by a survey done by the National Retail Federation, in which 56% of Gen Z customers say that a fun in-store experience influences where they shop.

And this is where old guard retailers are left behind by those that are willing to innovate. The new trend is to use the store space as a showroom where customers can get hands-on with the products or partake in fun activities.

Shake Up Your Store Experience With NFC Technology

Here are some of the benefits your business could see after deploying NFC-based products.

  • Capture the attention of guest customers, convincing them to identify themselves by enrolling into the loyalty program

  • Customers spend more time exploring the store, increasing the likelihood of finding something they love

  • Being able to interact with products in-store means that buyers will conduct their research in your branded environment, instead of online where they could encounter a competitor’s offer

  • Providing a fun experience can contribute to purchase based on emotional connection, rather than simple needs

  • Even if customers don’t make an immediate purchase, they’ll be more likely to order your products online

Kristen Tepper