Transform products into

Customer Connections

accessed with just one-touch of smartphone.


Consumer EXPERIENCES & Engagement

90% of consumers use their smartphones in-store

Smartphones are a key part of the consumer journey and both brands and consumers can benefit from the ability to deliver customized experiences direct to end users handsets. VerifiR enabled products are proven to strengthen customer relationships and enhance the customer experience by making in-store and post-sales engagement simple and compelling.

Recurring Revenue & RETENTION

81% of Consumers expect to shop direct-to-consumer brands

By removing friction from transactions, VerifiR enabled products make it easy to re-order, cross-sell or up-sell long after the original product has been sold. Give your customer a reason to tap in regularly and build long term loyalty. The purchase of the product should mark the beginning of your relationship with the consumer, not the end.

ANtI-Counterfeiting & Diversion

The retail value of counterfeit clothing, footwear, handbags, cosmetics, and watches, alone, amounted to a $450m in 2018

Counterfeit goods damages brand reputation. Until now, tracking channel diversion was laborious and inefficient exercise. VerifiR tells you about product registrations in real-time right to the customer without the need for your distributors or retail stores to invest in new hardware. VerifiR's patented analytics system generates real-time heat maps so you can see scans as they happen.