Create key touchpoint marketing channels through

The VerifiR Method

Smartphones are a key touchpoint in the consumer journey with 90% of smartphone owners using their phones while in-stores. VerifiR’s unique patented technology strengthens customer relationships and enhances their experience by utilizing smartphones to make in-store and post-sale engagement simple and compelling.


Step 1 — Embed

NFC modules are installed into products during the production process. The VerifiR team has extensive experience in identifying the ideal module for any product and then working closely with you to seamlessly integrate the embedding process into your existing production and workflow.

Step 2 — ENGAGE

Products are ready to be scanned and tracked as soon as they leave production, all the way through to point of sale. At the point of sale, consumers should be invited to tap or scan your product to view the multi-channel experience.


Create reasons for consumers to engage, post-purchase, like product registration, competitions, cross selling opportunities and more to drive continued re-engagement.