The Benefits of VerifiR


A Multi-channel Customer Experience

VerifiR uses NFC technology to serve consumers relevant, timely and rewarding information within a couple of seconds of scanning a product




Loyalty & Rewards

Analytics &

Consumer Insights


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proactive vs. reactive

Conventional anti-counterfeiting measures only deal with the problem once it happens. The best strategy is to prevent counterfeiting before it escalates.

By integrating our technology at factory level, VerifiR’s NFC technology and cloud-based analytics offers tamper proof authentication for brands and the assurance of an end to end verification system which can track products from factory to retailer, ultimately giving consumers total confidence in their purchase regardless of where they bought the product. It’s the smart way to reinforce customer trust and loyalty.

Create New Revenue Streams

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Grow Direct and Indirect Sales

Across every industry, recurring revenue or subscription businesses are becoming more desirable. The benefits of predictable and measurable revenue, higher levels of customer retention, access to growth, and increasing sales and profit margins are the leading forces. The purchase of the product marks the beginning of your relationship with the consumer, not the end.

These consumer benefits offer brands the opportunity to build a DTC (Direct to Consumer) business and retain more margin, regardless of where the product itself was originally purchased from.

Loyalty and Rewards

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Bridge the gap

VerifiR technology bridges the gap between offline products and rich digital experiences. Products become distinct marketing channels with attributable ROI.

By opening a direct channel to customers, brands continually and seamlessly deliver dynamic, engaging experiences throughout the customer journey, creating stickiness and long term brand loyalty. VerifiR can also support existing loyalty schemes by connecting attributable purchase to individual customers or even assist in driving online reviews of your products.

Analytics and Diversion


Verifir on the go

VerifiR’s validation process requires no special equipment or local software installation. It lives everywhere since it’s based on the cloud and cell phone networks. VerifiR handles the sophisticated analytics that can help spot diverted product sellers and counterfeiters. Signing up for an anti-counterfeit solution from VerifiR is a no-hassle experience for brands and consumers.

Until now, tracking channel diversion was laborious and inefficient exercise. VerifiR informs brands about product registrations in real-time, right to the customer, without the need for distributors or retail stores to invest in new hardware. So when products shipped to particular retailer appear in an unauthorized market, brands can respond quickly to protect regional sales partners.

VerifiR's patented analytics system even generates heat maps so brands can see scans in near real time.

Consumer Insights

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VerifiR tags collect first-party data that brands leverage to customize and personalize unique, interactive consumer experiences. By owning the data, brands can stop buying access to their consumers back from Google or Facebook.

This data helps brands understand who tapped, what they tapped, when and where – and their subsequent actions – providing critical actionable insights for optimizing brand messaging, reducing consumer churn, and driving business success.