In order to use VerifiR, your phone must be able to communicate via NFC (Near Field Communication). Some phones require NFC to be activated the first time:


  1. Go to Settings > More.

  2. Tap on the NFC switch to activate it.

  3. Done.


Current iPhones:

  1. No setup needed

  2. Just confirm notification when scanning

iPhones X and older (at least iPhone 7):

  1. Download an NFC reader app (we recommend VerifiR NFC reader app).

  2. Start the NFC reader app and press "Scan"

  3. Done.

Now you can connect to a VerifiR-enabled product by holding your phone close to the VerifiR Module on your product

You can get the best reception when you hold your phone’s NFC antenna close to the VerifiR seal. Try these antenna positions on the back of your handset:

On iPhones, the NFC antenna is located right behind the camera.