Eagle Creek partners with VerifiR to launch Near Field Communication (NFC) enabled Travel Line

High End Travel Bag Manufacturer, Eagle Creek, has just announced the launch of the “Caldera Collection,” a travel line with a VerifiR NFC chip integrated into it. Bag owners can now connect their travel milestones to social media, track the places they have traveled to, enable lost and found features, and much more.

Eagle Creek collaborated with Southern California based community platform provider VerifiR to implement the technology. VerifiR works with brands, their manufacturers and retailers to integrate the most advanced NFC smart chips into their products. After the chips have been put in place, brands and retailers can then use VerifiR’s award winning cloud based software and data management platform to manage the products, customer details and the bespoke experiences and offerings they want to create for them.

After purchasing a Caldera luggage piece or travel pack, a simple tap of a smartphone against the bag activates the NFC chip, unlocking a cloud-based web experience. With an opt-in, travelers can then access detailed product information and videos, warranty registration features and sharable travel logging technology. Travelers can tap their smartphone against the bag at any time to activate a personal dashboard showing them all the places they have traveled and a ranking in a ‘miles travelled’ leaderboard system against other Caldera bag owners.

The feature also has a social sharing component where they can share their travel milestones with their friends, family and followers on all the major social media platforms.

Furthermore, if the bag gets lost, the VerifiR NFC chip provides a ‘lost and found’ functionality which will enable bag owners to locate their bag in the event it gets misplaced.

VerifiR CEO Jurgen Schmerler commented “We are delighted to partner with Eagle Creek on such an innovative use case of our platform. The Caldera travel line is a great example of how manufacturers can use VerifiR NFC to connect and engage with their customers after they have purchased their product.”

Roger Spatz, President of Eagle Creek, commented: “Working with VerifiR has enabled us to release our most innovative and sustainable luggage collection ever. The new range allows consumers to connect with travel in a whole new way. One tap of a smartphone unlocks new product experiences, such as lost and found capabilities, warranty and support information, and a social dashboard that logs shareable info—like miles traveled and destinations visited. The VerifiR technology adds value to consumers, and simultaneously supports our dealer network. It’s an exciting time for the brand.”

To find out more about Eagle Creek’s Caldera bag please visit www.eaglecreek.com or to find out more about VerifiR”s technology solution, visit www.verifir.com


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VerifiR builds communities between brands and consumers, turning any product into a unique customer portal accessed with just one-touch of a smartphone. Via our award-winning combination of software and VerifiR NFC technology, we bring the power of digital marketing & attribution to physical products, building strong pre- and post-purchase engagement.

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