VerifiR and Deuter Win Prestigious Digital Award at ISPO

Deuter, one of the world's leading backpack manufacturers, was honored at the world's largest sporting goods tradeshow, ISPO, in Munich with the prestigious ISPO Award in the digital category, acknowledging our partnership in producing their new "AViANT" backpack range with integrated VerifiR technology.

Working closely with teams in Germany over the last few months, VerifiR integrated a robust, durable solution across their entire AViANT range. This new standard in connected backpacks impressed the judges who noted the authentication functionality as well as being able to track down its original owner, in the event of the bag getting lost and found.

The judges also liked the ability of the VerifiR technology to aid Deuter in tracking these products through their supply chain, allowing them to reduce product diversion and grey market imports, protecting margin and giving them greater control and visibility over their retail channels.

The winners of ISPO Digital Awards represent bold and innovative technology implementations, setting new standards for product development.

“The Deuter collaboration has generated worldwide interest and this prestigious award recognizes the innovative nature of our partnership. Deuter has been a great organization to work with and we’ve already received new purchase orders from them to expand integration into their other product lines.

— Jurgen Schmerler, VerifiR CEO.

“Our new travel series, AViANT, with integrated VerifiR Technology, left a great impact at ISPO. Retailers appreciated the added value NFC and respectively the VerifiR platform provides – not only for them but also for the consumer. VerifiR is a strong partner that helps us staying innovative and providing our consumers with a next level Retail experience that connects brick & mortar with online.

— Christina Völlinger, Deuter Head of Marketing

Edd Uzzell