Surprise and Delight your customer

VerifiR technology bridges the gap between offline products and rich digital experiences and offers many ways for brands to engage with customers no matter what the product. Products become distinct marketing channels with attributable ROI, building a customized experience which can offer:

  • Full social media integration with all popular platforms including live streaming

  • Email capture and full data analytics

  • Reduce re-marketing and customer acquisition costs by growing your own database.

  • Drive reviews and feedback on either owned or earned platforms

  • Understand and track your influencers and high-value customers across multiple touch-points

  • Instant connection to customer support

  • Sweepstakes, competitions and other forms of gamification.

  • Push product surveys and receive instant feedback

  • Loyalty program integration

  • Access instructions, support information, product recalls or safety alerts

  • Drive warranty registrations and user data capture

  • Couponing

By creating reasons to scan, both brands and consumers can benefit from the ability to deliver customized experiences direct to end users handsets.