ELEGANT Frictionless TECHNOLOGY DElivERing NEXT Generation BRand and Retail ExperienceS

The world of retail is changing. With routes to market becoming more complex, many brands struggle to build relationships with their end users post-purchase.

By building physical-digital bridges that enhance the relationship between individuals and the products and services they use, NFC can play a vital role in improving the mobile consumer experience in a wide range of markets and applications.

VerifiR's patented solutions utilizing NFC technology is the best tool to strengthen customer relationships and enhance the customer experience by making in-store and post-sale engagement simple and compelling.

  • Enables a personalized digital experience unique to each product
  • Integrates easily into every touchpoint of the consumer journey
  • Provides a clean and straightforward customer experience
  • Delivers intuitive experiences to digital natives using their existing technology 
  • Addresses user preference for speed, convenience, and control
  • Turns previously static products into marketing channels with attributable ROI


Turn Any Product Into A Unique Customer Experience

Accessed With Just One-Touch Of A Smartphone

delivering benefits across the entire value chain

VerifiR benifits value chain