VerifiR Success Stories

VerifiR works with companies of varying sizes from across the world and in a wide variety of categories. From household names through to boutique brands, almost any company can benefit from integrating VerifiR technology into their products. Here are a few of our most recent success stories:



The Marines of the Aerial Refueler Transport Squadron 352 were some of the first Marines to receive FirstEdge 6055 Knives with VerifiR technology built in.

FirstEdge® explain why they chose VerifiR Technology to launch the world's first Smart Knife, allowing consumers to connect directly to FirstEdge for servicing and warranty support, along with hints and tips on how to get more from their knife.

“Now that our knives are equipped with VerifiR technology, not only do our customers get a wonderful knife, but they now get a wonderful experience that goes along with that knife. They can connect with us ... and we’ll know if they have a genuine knife ... so for us its a win-win situation.”
— — Les Edelstein, First Edge General Manager and SVP of Sales and Marketing



Our technology can be woven indiscernibly into tickets, which creates a range of new interactive opportunities for festivals and event.

By blending their digital and physical event experiences, VerifiR enabled tickets powered the San Diego German Film Festival added an extra dimension to the event, creating opportunities to surprise and delight attending patrons whilst simultaneously increasing revenue and profitability.

“The attendees were excited to experience that their tickets hold value beyond the face value: they were able to access additional information, interact, win a prize and explore new features of their smartphones. The analytics and data provided by VerifiR allowed us to follow up and communicate with attendees who showed interest in our products and the sign-up feature allowed us to identify and engage with potential new members of our organization quickly and effectively.”
— Patrick Schultheis, Chairman, San Diego German Film Festival



Spy optics VerifiR

VerifiR is working with Spy Optics on Smart Display Cases for in-store merchandising. These would allow for things like:

  • At shelf experiences that encourage purchase
  • Access product information (Virtual Sales Person)
  • Connect to a chat-bot to automatically answer questions
  • Ensure correct product identification even if retailer has inadvertently mislabelled  product
  • Endless aisles - Links to a retailer’s e-commerce when a product is not available in store